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Baby's head have a flat spot?

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what is plagiocephaly?

 Baby Flat Head, or Plagiocephaly, is when a baby experiences abnormal flattening at the back of the head. It can range from very mild flattening to more severe cases.

Plagiocephaly includes positional plagiocephaly (one side becomes flattened) as well as brachycephaly (both sides become flattened). The condition tends to happen during the first few months of life when babies spend most of their time on their backs.

Plagiocephaly is VERY common. Almost half of all infants will experience some degree of head flattening. 


how do you treat plagiocephaly?

 In mild cases of flattening, tummy time and repositioning may be enough to allow the head to return to a more symmetrical shape. In cases of moderate to severe flattening, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends cranial remolding or helmet therapy.

Helmet treatment is safe, comfortable, and effective. Typical length of treatment is between 3 and 5 months. However, the length of time depends on the severity of the flattening and the age of the infant.


what is P-POD?

P-POD is a cranial remolding helmet that can be fitted and assembled in your doctor's office.

how is P-POD different?

Traditional helmet assembly requires scans and referrals to surgeons or orthotists, weeks of waiting, then appointments for sizing.

P-POD allows for earlier treatment, which means a shorter treatment time.


Using proprietary foam (that is safe for sensitive skin) the P-POD molds directly to the baby's head shape. The fitting and assembly process takes 30 min and can be completed by your trusted pediatrician.


No scanning, no referrals, no waiting. Babies can begin treatment immediately.


watch a P-POD assembly here:


developed by a surgeon

Christopher Gordon, MD, FACS, FAAP, is Division Chief of Plastic Surgery at Dayton Children's Hospital. 


After seeing as many as 40 plagiocephaly patients each week in his surgical practice, Dr. Gordon realized the current process of treating these patients didn't make sense. They shouldn't have to see a surgeon to just get referred on to an orthotist.

He knew there had to be a better way.


wondering if P-POD might be a good fit for your baby?

Schedule a free virtual head shape consultation today!

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