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Best Advice for Parents Starting Helmet Therapy

For any parent of a baby starting helmet therapy, there are a lot of unknowns and questions. This is why we have collected the best pieces of advice from families of helmet therapy graduates to help new parents navigate cranial remolding.

Don’t beat yourself up

The most important thing parents need to hear as they start their baby’s helmet therapy journey is that you shouldn’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault. Parents often feel like too much time spent on their backs is the reason their baby needs a helmet. Even if that is the case, the baby’s back is the safest place for them to sleep.

It will be easier and quicker than you think

Every parent of a baby who needs helmet therapy needs to hear these words. It will be easier and quicker than you think. Parents often build up the level of discomfort their baby will experience ahead of the journey. In reality, most parents note how quickly and easily their baby’s adjust to life in a helmet.

Stock up on rubbing alcohol

For one hour each day, your baby will be helmet-free. During this hour it is recommended that you clean the helmet with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and water and then give your baby a bath while the helmet dries. So, now is a good time to stock up on rubbing alcohol. Especially with shortages due to COVID-19, having it handy will make cleaning much easier.

Be ready for a little extra sweat

Did you know that wearing a helmet to treat Plagiocephaly can slightly increase your baby’s body temperature? In order to keep the baby comfortable, dress them in lighter clothing that you typically one. Some experts suggest one less layer during waking hours and two fewer layers while the baby sleeps.

Prepare for an awkward comment (or two)

Even though helmet treatment has become very commonplace, you will still probably get some strange looks and annoying comments. Having some canned responses for those potentially awkward moments can make life a little easier.

It will be over before you know it

As parents prepare for their baby to wear a helmet a few months might sound like a long time. The reality is, most parents report that helmet therapy is extremely quick and painless. Many even say that their baby misses their helmets when the treatment has ended.

Hang in there parents, you will get through this. Chances are it will be a LOT easier than you think.

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