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Schedule for getting started with P-POD

If your baby has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly and your child’s doctor recommended cranial remolding therapy it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Even though more and more babies are requiring helmet therapy each year, it is still not widely talked about.

When parents realize that their baby will need to wear their helmet 23 hours a day, including sleeping, it might sound like a lot. Thankfully babies do surprisingly well adjusting to their helmet in just a few days.

The schedule to begin treatment with the P-POD takes just five days.

P-POD Introductory Schedule

The first five days of treatment will introduce baby to the P-POD and allow them time to adjust to full-time wear. By adhering to this guideline you will set your baby up for success!

Day One with P-POD

On day one you will alternate between one hour of the helmet on and one hour without the helmet. You should remove the helmet when your baby is sleeping or napping. This will allow you to slowly introduce your baby to wearing their helmet without creating discomfort as they adjust.

Day Two with P-POD

On day two you will alternate between two hours of wearing the helmet and two hours with the helmet removed. Again, your baby will not need to wear their helmet when sleeping or napping.

Day Three with P-POD

On day three, you will alternate four hours on and four hours off during the hours that baby is awake. Day three is when you will introduce your baby to sleeping in their P-POD. They will take their naps and sleep overnight wearing their helmet. Plan on giving your baby some extra snuggles and attention on day three so they can sleep comfortably.

Day Four with P-POD

On day four you will alternate eight consecutive hours of wearing the helmet with a one hour break without the helmet. Again, your baby will wear their P-POD during naps and while sleeping at night.

Day Five with P-POD

Day five is the official first day of full wear. For this and all future days, baby will wear their helmet for 23 hours. You will remove the P-POD for one hour, at which time it is recommended that you bathe your baby and clean the P-POD with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

There are some instances that your baby may need slight breaks from this schedule. For example during very hot/humid weather where the helmet is uncomfortable or when you are feeding your child potentially messy foods that may discolor the foam or mark their skin with food stains.

It is important to the treatment that you adhere to the recommended 23 hours of wear each day. Fortunately most baby’s will adjust quickly and easily to wearing their P-POD. In just a few months your baby will be celebrating their P-POD graduation!

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