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Often the parents are the first to notice a flat spot on the back of their baby's heads. When this happens, they might find themselves wondering what to do next?

Almost half of all infants will experience some degree of flattening. This is known as Baby Flat Head Syndrome or Plagiocephaly, which is extremely common and very treatable.

In very mild cases, repositioning can help avoid further flattening. In moderate to severe cases, helmet therapy may be required.

Helmet therapy might sound overwhelming but babies adjust very quickly and in most cases, if started early, babies only require a few months of treatment.

Do you think your child might benefit from helmet therapy?

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Want to decorate your child's P-POD helmet? Go for it!

Our favorite cranial helmet decal kits come from former helmet mom, Jillian, at Babbleworthy. These affordable kits provide P-POD families with the opportunity to customize, personalize, and stylize their baby’s helmet.

Babbleworthy decal kits are safe, convenient, easy to apply and can be changed whenever you want. 


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